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8 Tips to Get Settled Into Your New Home


After a big move, your first instinct may be to start tackling the giant stacks of boxes that cover your new home. And while unpacking still tops the list, there are a few other less obvious things you will need to do before you can completely settle into your home.

  1. Get registered. This includes registering your vehicle, getting a new license/license plate, registering your kids at their new school and updating your voter’s registration. These items are crucial to put at the top of your to-do list after your big move.
  2. Transfer utilities and services. If you haven’t already done this in advance, set up services for electricity, water, gas, cable, and internet at your new place. If you had any home services at your old home, yard maintenance or housekeepers, give them a call to let them know of your move and if they can accommodate in your new neighborhood.
  3. Ensure your safety. One of the crucial first steps after moving into a new home is to have all of the locks changed. Don’t forget to update any security codes or garage codes that may still have the previous homeowner’s codes. This is also a great time to swap out batteries in fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  4. Change your address. Make a list of bills you pay each month or things you are subscribed to. Then go down the list and login to each account to make sure each has your new, updated address.
  5. Check your boxes. Examine all of your boxes to check that they all arrived safely and unharmed. Take notes of any damages and let your moving company know right away.
  6. Say Hi. It’s always great to be on good terms, or even good friends, with your neighbors. Make the first move by introducing yourself and your family to your surrounding neighbors. If you’re new to the area, ask about their favorite local restaurants, coffee shops, or grocery stores.
  7. Get familiar. Whether you have moved one town over, one state over, or across the country, it is important to get familiar with the area. Take a drive around your new town, learn where the nearest gas station, grocery store, and freeway entrance is located. For those feeling more adventurous, drive around until you get lost and learn a new way to get home!
  8. Unpack and relax. Finally, work on unpacking that daunting pile of boxes. Start with the rooms you use the most – kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms. Give yourself plenty of breaks to relax, as you know, moving is tough, stressful work!

Tucson Marketing

Four Areas of Focus: Workshops | Social Media | Technology | New Business


Homebuyer Education Class (First Class Oct 14 6-8PM, Location TBD)

Once a month in two location (Please send any suggestions on location)

Market to the community

  1. Social media
  2. Lead generating landing pages www.sumhomebuyerinfo.com
  3. Email blasts
  4. Dialer calls
  5. 12 month prospect drip with call to action footer
  6. LO and Team email signatures

Market to real estate agents

  1. Face to face pitch teaching the agent how to leverage the homebuyer class to grow their business
  2. Email blasts with video about the benefits of attending a class and marketing it to their friends/family/database
  3. Mentioning it during your agent updates
  4. Nadeen to reach out to new real estate partners to help get in front of agents to pitch homebuyer class and offer marketing tools
  5. Target Social Media posts/ads to real estate agents about the class. With messaging:
    1. “Consistency is Key”
    2. “Summit if focused on your clients and helping you give them more”

Beat The Big Buy

This is a marketing/social media class for realtors. The logo is similar to the Zillow logo. During the class I help realtors to learn how to leverage the free services they have to generate leads and tap into their database. I also cover how realtors can spend a fraction of the money they spend on Zillow or other lead gen systems by running targeted facebook ads that have call to actions for either the Homebuyer class or of property evaluations to help get more listings.

The class will be offered weekly. I would teach it for about an hour and then be available for 2-3 hours to help with hands on marketing for the realtors. This serves as a great value offer for agents you have been going after.


Social Media

I follow an/ 80/20 rule when it comes to social media and I promote three categories.  The 80/20 rule is 80% of posts are not hard selling, but more educational or personal. The other 20% would be hard selling, such as loan programs, Summit stats, team information.

If you make me an editor of your business page I will be able to promote events and post of your behalf weekly. If you wish to provide me with access to your personal account then I can also post and add friends for you. I normally just share information that I’ve posted on your business page. This just eliminates you having to do it.


In the “All About You” form there is a place to provide your social media credentials for:










(I have access to your Unify account)


I’ll either update each of these platforms, create them if you don’t have the, and sink them together to make posting to them automated.


I’ll add targeted realtors to your Facebook and LinkedIn as friends/connections.



Recently marketing has been sending emails about new technology that’s available to help with marketing. If you have signed up for these or wish to, I am here to help. Such tools are:

BombBomb $35/mon

ListReports $125/mon

Unify – Recently Unify released a ton of great features that we’ve been waiting for. I will give a more in depth training on Unify and utilize it to send out email blasts on your behalf.

Other – If you have any issues/questions about technology in regards to marketing please feel free to ask me.


New Business

I pulled up some stats that include all Tucson Summit Loan Officers as a team,

1140    Deals closed in the last year

472      Buy side realtors in those transactions

3084    Total realtors in Tucson/Green Valley/Sahuarita/Marana/Vail

15%     Of market share for Summit Funding

2612    Realtor opportunities

354      Of those 2612 have over 10 transactions in the last year.


The 354 Realtors with transactions over 10 and have never used Summit Funding, are the ones that I am going to be going after and turning back over to you for business.


My goal is to set one new realtor meeting at least once a week with each LO.


Get to know you….

Here is a digital “All About You Form.” Please take the time to fill this out. It will allow for me to get to know all of you as quick as possible and focus on what matters to you first. Since I am asking you to fill it out…. Here is some info about myself.

Born and raised in Tucson ( I love this city)

2 daughters | Sloane 5 and Naya 3

My favorite food is Flos in Phoenix and Eegee’s in Tucson

I have 10 years of marketing experience



Project Management at a Web Company

My own marketing consulting company

Summit (I love truly love this company)

I enjoy being involved in the community which helps me grow the LO’s business and in turn allows me to give back.


I know how hard Tucson LO’s work and I am so excited to come help in any way I can.


Thank you,




Summit Marketing:


Digital Business Cards

Brian Winkle http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000400
Carlos Gonzalez http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000401
David Dominguez http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000402
Karen Fisher http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000403
Noy Kelly http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000404
Debbie Fagin http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000406
Derrick Polder http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000407
Zach Mooney http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000408
Kimberly Zavatsky http://www.visualshows.com//user/sponsor_card.php?id=101000412